Decker Gallery, Baltimore, MD, 2012
Hammer & Fox : MFA Thesis Exhibition

Fox 3 Gallery, Baltimore, MD, 2011
No More Shit - GD MFA Fall Exhibition

Second Chance Gallery, Baltimore, MD, 2011
Regeneration - A One Day Show About Sustainability

Pinkard Gallery, Bunting Center, Baltimore, MD, 2011
MFA First Year Spring Show

Shapiro's Cafe, Baltimore, MD, 2011
Notes from the Tropics

Rosenburg Gallery, Brown Center, Baltimore, MD, 2010
Graphic Design MFA Fall Exhibition

Art House Co-op Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2010
The Starving Artist Project

Art House Co-op Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2010
The Scavenger Project

Art House Co-op Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2010
The Self Portrait Project

Art House Co-op Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, 2010
The Space Between Us Project

Art House Co-op Gallery, Atlanta, GA, 2009
The 10,000 (people interpret one word) Project

Tether Gallery, Seattle, WA, 2009
Dia De Los Muertos Annual Show

The Observatory Gallery, Seattle, WA, 2009
Pretty Young Things – Group Show

Restaurant Bagatelle, Key West, FL, 2009-2011
Notes from the Tropics

Art House Co-op Gallery, Atlanta, GA, 2009
The Sketchbook Project, touring show – exhibits at Museum of Contemporary Art, Washington DC, Chris’ Jazz Café, Philadelphia, PA, Laconia Gallery, Boston, MA, Antena Gallery, Chicago, IL, Soulard Art Market, Saint Louis, MO, 3rd Ward, Brooklyn, NY, Museum of Design, Atlanta, GA, Chicago Art Source Gallery, Chicago IL

Christoff Gallery, Seattle, WA, 2007
Art Bizarre – Group Show

Tashiro Kaplan Studios, Seattle, WA, 2007
LNG Presents: Double Feature! Two Shows for Two Months!

The Art Jam, Brooklyn, NY, 2007
Mail Art Project - A Collaborative Art Chain

Gallery 1412, Seattle, WA, 2006
Live Nude Goats 4

Boyd Law Building, University of Iowa College of Law, Iowa City, IA, 2005–Present
(Permanent Collection)
Portrait of Professor Lea Vandervelde

Residential Home, Portland, OR, September 2004
Exterior mural

Secluded Alley Works, Seattle, WA,2004
Members Group Show and Benefit

Secluded Alley Works, Seattle, WA, 2004
Rabbits and Robots!

Joe Bar Café and Crêpery, Seattle, WA, 2004
Capra Hircus Linnaeus

Secluded Alley Works, Seattle, WA, 2003
Bric-A-Brac—A One-Night Art Show Event!

Seattle Indy Media Center, Seattle, WA, 2003
Murdered by Police: Portraits

Bittersweet Botanicals, Saint Louis, MO, 2002 - 2004
You Leave Only Seeds Behind - Paintings and Photogravures

UBS Gallery Space, Red Hook, NY, 2002
Now the Hunters Will Dwindle Along With the Hunted

Lacoste School of the Arts, Lacoste, France, 2001
Annual Lacoste School of the Arts Group Show

Fisher Art Center, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, 1998-2002
Various Student Group Shows

Riverside Theater, Iowa City, IA, 1998
Untitled - Drawings

Summit Street Gallery, Iowa City, IA, 1998
Portraits of Pale

Opstad Auditorium, Iowa City High School, Iowa City, IA, 1998–Present
(Permanent Collection)
Untitled Drawing

United Action for Youth Center, Iowa City, IA, 1997- Present
4-wall mural, featured in “Art Works! Prevention programs for youth and communities,” funded by the National Endowment for the Arts

Washington University College of Law, Saint Louis, MO, 1997-Present
Mural for the office of Professor Richard Kuhns


Beyond Critique, Edited by Robert Merrill & Susan Waters-Ellis, MICA Press, (forthcoming) Design

Whale in the Woods, by Blueberry Elizabeth Morningsnow, Rescue Press, 2012
Book cover design

In the Absence of Predators, by Vinnie Wilhelm, Rescue Press, 2011
Book cover art and design

The Institute for Species Systemization: An Experimental Archive, by Patricia Rose, Rescue Press, 2011
Book cover design

The Lily Will, by Melissa Dickey, Rescue Press, 2011
Book cover design

To Be Human Is To Be A Conversation, by Andrea Rexilius, Rescue Press, 2011
Book cover design

Events Film Cannot Withstand, by Zach Savich, Rescue Press, 2011
Book cover art and design

Literacyhead Online Journal - Lessons for Teaching Literacy Through Art, www.literacyhead.com, 2010 - 2012
Contributing Artist

There Is Something Inside, It Wants To Get Out, 3 Stories by Madeline McDonnell,
Rescue Press, 2010
Book cover art and design

In Canaan, poems by Shane McCrae, Rescue Press, 2010
Book cover design

The Bard Papers Literary and Art Journal, published by Bard College, 2002

The Bard Free Press newspaper, published by Bard College, 2002
Music reviews

Catch A Fly, Self Titled, Lifted and Gifted Records, 2001
Album art

Fountain of Youth Compilation Album, Iowa City, 1998
Cover and interior art

The Little Hawk newspaper, Iowa City, 1996-1998

The Scribe Literary Magazine for Iowa City High School, 1997-1998
Photographs, poetry

Big Bopper Magazine, 1994


HOW Magazine 2012 Poster Design Award www.howdesign.com, November 2011
Awarded for Biking Beyond Bigotry


ADX Portland Blog,www.adxportland.com, December 2012
Featured Member

HOW Magazine, www.howdesign.com, November 2011
"Designing Change: Camp Firebelly"

Ink Magazine, www.inkthestudio.com, Issue 3, Summer 2011
Profile piece, "When You're The Best of Friends"

Art Review Magazine online, www.artreview.com2011
Featured Painting

Art House Coop website,www.arthousecoop.com2010
Featured Artist

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