Thoughts on Design

I think design has great power – to educate, to create experience, to build confidence, to really create a positive impact on the way we engage with the world. Design is not just an image on a page, it is about how we live our lives. It is about having conversations, idea exchanges, and it is problem solving – finding the root of an issue and redesigning it from the core. As a designer there is a responsibility to make our communications as successful as possible, and to do that as beautifully and appreciatively and lovingly as we can. I'm interested in ecologies – social, environmental, artistic – and how these systems can work to support and sustain each other. My constant question to myself is 'how can I bring design into every decision I make, not only in creation, but also in my life as a whole? How can I, as a singular being, make the world a better place, starting first with my community and my choices?' Part of designing is remaining continually educated about technology and communication and what is going on around you. Design is public and active – everything you put out there will be seen and have an affect, so how do we grow to become ever conscious of this? I think art and design are seen sometimes as privileges but they should be seen as basic rights, as tools to make the world a better place. A well designed city makes everyone's lives healthier, easier, happier, and saves resources – the same goes for the smaller scale – how can design be a catalyst for change within a community, based not on what we think should happen but on the expressed needs of that community?