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art directors, print buyers, fashion designers, product designers, interior designers:


Let's combine forces to make something amazing. Your product and my artwork, your direction and my design, a custom piece for your client -- there are lots of ways to collaborate to bring your idea to life. Send me a message to get started!


License My Artwork

My licensing library contains collections of patterns and spot graphics by story and by theme, as well as pitch boards by industry. I'm happy to curate or pull prints based on what you are looking for, or give you access to browse. Send me a message about your needs and we can go from there.

ways to work with me

Contract My Design Services

I offer a number of design services on either an hourly rate or project fee basis. If you have multiple needs we can work out a custom package for you. See the services section below for more details.

Athletic & Outdoor

My bold, abstract textural prints and manipulated motifs are perfect for sportswear product.


My loose, painterly prints and my quirky conversationals lend themselves wonderfully to fashion fabrics, apparel and accessories for both adults and children.

Home Decor


Bolt Fabric

My paired back, more classically influenced motifs and my more simple abstract prints are great on home decor textiles, wall art, and table top pieces meant to stay around a while.

I love designing anything for kids, across many markets. My cutie animals and more playful prints can be applied to all kinds of children's products including apparel, bedding & nursery, toys & games, table top and more. Kids designs are where I really love to spark curiosity and joy.

My larger, more flushed out print collections work well as bolt fabric in the quilt craft and home sewing markets. This is where my whimsical, storytelling patterns really shine.

i love designing for:

I'm open to any project that fits with my style and ethos. If you didn't see your market above, it just means I haven't done it yet. Get in touch and let's talk!

Licensing Library

Visit my art and print library to see what's currently available. Prints by collection, theme, and market pitch. I prefer royalty percentage-based contracts, but will consider limited term category buy-outs.

use my work

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Original Artwork & Design to Brief

Many of my collaborative projects have been designed specifically for the needs of my clients. Whether you have a specific brief for you company or just a concept for a new product, I will work with you to get the art you need. Get in touch to discuss project scope and rates.


studio Services

Repeats, Recolors & Schematics

Sometimes you just need a little technical help. You can bundle my production work as add-ons to print purchases or as by-the-hour freelance assistance. These services include putting original artwork into repeat, color separations and recoloring prints, flats for line planning and schematics for your production partners.


Trends, Concepts & Reviews

Lookbooks & Catalogs

I love having a hand in the development process. I am available for hire as a consultant for any stage in your design process from trend research, story concept, materials review or planning. Get in touch to discuss your project and learn how I can help.

Nothing brings a product collection to life quite like a beautiful lookbook. With years of publication layout and direct mail strategy experience, I can design your collection book, DTC mailer, wholesale catalog or other marketing materials, both digital and print. For catalog samples, send me a request through my contact form!



General Pricing

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"Creating with Skye is a dream come true! She balances guiding and sharing her expertise with integrating your ideas and helping develop "the version you have in your head" into a reality."

China & Kirti's

Camper van reno


client notes

Custom wallpaper design

china & kirtiraji, bridge city goods

"Skye helped create a pattern for my product that was so beautiful, it exceeded my expectations."  

Synergy Bloom

garden box design


client notes

Custom subscription box art

heather s., Synergy Bloom

“Skye’s eye for design paired with masterful sewing skills produced beautiful napkins for my events."

Morgan Street Theater

event experience


client notes

Custom restaurant textiles

jared g., morgan st theater

A Note on Sustainability

Putting new things into the world is not without its footprint, and textiles in particular have massively contributed to water and air pollution. As a passionate environmentalist and animal advocate, I give preference to companies who are making the environment a priority in their manufacturing methods through safe dyes, considered materials, zero or low waste production, low water use, fair trade practices and high safety and wage standards. There are now more options than ever before to switch to healthier and more conscious ways of making products. 

i'm ready to collab!

I can't wait to work with you. Send me a message through my contact form to kick things off.

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